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We have 70 horses for sale, not all are up on our website yet. Until then, feel free to contact us to see what else we have. Thanks!

Just a note about Anderson Ranch Foxtrotters: What sets our horses apart, is not their level of training or the shows they’ve competed in, but rather, its their inherent qualities – what they’re born with! We have worked for decades to find and breed horses with excellent willing to please, calm temperaments and smooth gaits.

In addition to their favorable genetics, many of our horses have had the opportunity to spend summers living in a natural herd environment in rough country. We have found this to produce sure footed mountain horses with sound minds. To see examples of how our horses handle their first encounters with a rider on their back… click on the following video links: Video 1 Video 2

We know from much personal experience (and what it has taken to build our breeding program) that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else to offer so many Foxtrotters with these fantastic temperaments in one location. Even though your new horse won’t have had extensive handling, you will find (as have many customers before you) that you will be riding and enjoying your horse in short order. The training will come easily, and safety and bonding will be your reward for choosing to buy from Anderson Ranch Foxtrotters.

Not yet convinced? Try a visit to our testimonials page. Let us know what you’re looking for, we would love to help match you with the best horse to suite your needs. Happy Horse Hunting!

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